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Tutorial (SGH-F480 Only)

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1 Tutorial (SGH-F480 Only) on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:27 pm


Post You Tutorial Here (For SGH-F480 Only)

Rules For Posting Tutorials :
1. Dont Spam
2. Dont Beg
3. Dont Advertise
4. No Other Topics Shall Be Answered Here. Only Tutorials
5. Say Thanx Or +Rep If You Like The Post
6. Dont Re-Post Tutorial Again And Again, Search The Thread Before You Post
7. Be Friendly
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9. Follow All The Above Rules Strictly

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2 Installing Widgets on Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:56 am


Samsung F480 (Tocco/Touchwiz) Widgets Install!

1. Basic Needs :

- TkFileExplorer With Driver :
Download :
Driver And File Explorer
Mirror :
Driver And File Explorer

- Samsung USB Driver :
Download :
Samsung USB Driver

- Widget Pack :
Download :
Mirror :

List Of Widgets :

Analog-43KB --- --- Normal Analogue clock

Digital 35KB --- --- Normal Digital clock

2 Clocks 57KB --- --- Small World Clock, It Can Display simultaneously 2 Time Zones.

Calendar 16KB --- --- Small Calendar, No Additional Features.

Photo 89KB --- --- shows The Pictures Saved in the Phone Memory.

Games 13KB --- --- Link To Games/Apps Folder.

Birthday 18KB --- --- If you did not Specify in the Phonebook Contacts, This Widget Will Remember Date Of Birth For You!

Profiles 36KB --- --- Quickly Access Phone Profiles.

More widgets 378KB --- --- Online Access to "More Widgets".

Google Search 35KB --- --- Google Search Application.

Accu-Weather 1249KB --- --- Shows you the current weather conditions.

Large Calendar 139K --- --- Without Features!

Allocine 235KB --- --- Movies and TV Guide.

Oil Calculator 246KB --- --- Extrapolating From The Fuel Consumption.

Tip Calculator 175KB --- --- Calculates A Suitable Tip.

Alcohol-Calculator 272KB --- --- Calculates Alcohol in the Blood in parts per thousand.

Calculator 278KB --- --- Much Like an Convertion Application.

Digital 58KB-1 --- --- Digital Clock Design.

Unit Converter 196KB --- --- Unit Conversion.

Date Checker 137KB --- --- According To Dates, It Tells You Whether You Already Have A Date!

Image 70KB --- --- Link To The Website

Post-write it --- --- 51KB Small Yellow Slip To Write Notes.

Body Mass Index 173KB --- --- Calculates the BMI.

Mirror 44KB --- --- Latest News from Spiegel Online.

Weather 32KB --- --- Weather Widget.

Christmas Countdown 322KB --- --- Shows How Long It Is Until Christmas Comes! In Days.

Birthday Countdown 484KB --- --- Calculated After Giving Birth How Long One Has Lived (In Days).

Mappy Mappy-188KB --- --- --- N.A

And Some More Additional Widgets!

- Compression program (WinZip / WinRar)

- Installed on your F480 must be a PINK Firmware! Or The Latest Firmware Branding Free. Also Your Firmware Should Have More Widgets Application!

- Guide For Firmware Installation/Flashing :
Link :
F480 Flashing Guide

2. Unpack Widgets :

- The widget package you just downloaded is compressed.
Unrar The Compressed Zip/Rar File On Desktop Using Winrar Or Winzip!
The whole then looks like this:

You Will Have Many Widgets In A Folder!

3. Putting Widgets On Phone :

- In Phone Go To : Settings -> Phone Settings -> Pc Connections -> Samsung Pc Studio.
After Connection Your F480 To Pc Using Data Cable :
Start the TkFileExplorer and Connect!
[Dont Know How To Setup TkfileExplorer And Connect? Then Visit This Page :
Link :
TkFileExplorer Guide
And Read Steps 4 to 9!

4. Installing Widgets :

- The Installation of the Widgets is taking place only in One Folder.
Namely : wm_store
In TkFileEsplorer Go To : User -> widget -> AF -> wm_store

- The first thing you have to do is Empty The Folder : wm_store! Because Already Some Files Are There Inside!
Note : Dont Delete The Folder wm_store, Just Make Sure That Its Empty!

- After Emptying The Folder Copy All The Contents of Widgets Folder Which you had Downloaded! To : wm_store Folder in TkFileExplorer
If you have copied the entire contents you can Disconnect the TkFileExplorer.
After Closing TkFileExplorer Take Out USB Cable And Switch OFF The Phone And Then Switch It ON!

- After you have Restarted your phone you can Go To : Settings -> Display Settings -> Widgets
All The New widgets will be there!
All widgets can be Activated But Unfortunately All Cannot fit into the Widget Bar.
That means the Widgets are indeed all on your phone but in the Widget Bar Only 40 Can Be Kept!
Then you have to stop off and turn on a Widget to another if you want to exchange views.

- Have Fun With Your New Widgets!

Note :
This Guide Works Only On Phones having Pink Firmware Or Any Latest Firmware!
If it still does not work, then you made a mistake somewhere!
Then Again Properly Follow The Steps From Begining!
The Most Common Error during Installation is the Folder "wm_store" is not Emptied! It Has To Be Emptied To Install New Widgets!



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