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Unable to remove the navigation keys in Java Games

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I have Samsung F480 Mobile, When I play Touch supported Games, I have navigation keys (Control keys) on my screen, I would like to Remove it.

I have tried downloading some Supported Games on My PC and tried below steps (Got from some website)

1: Open the .jar-File with WinRar
2: Open the META-INF folder
3: Open the MANIFEST.MF with Notepad
4: Add the following line:

MIDlet-Touch-Support: True

5: Save the Manifest.mf
7: ReBuilt a new .jar-File

and uploaded it with help of www. david pye.com (Remoove the spaces) Site and then downloaded it to my phone using gprs,

It downloaded the content but when installing it gave message "Invalid content"

Am I doing something wrong?

Iam new to this kind of stuff. Please Help me!

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